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Certificate of authenticity

To obtain a certificate of authenticity, send us at first a photo of painting, its format, support, origin


“The Second Empire – from Winterhalter to Renoir” Exhibition from May to June, 1957.



“Victor Louis and Warsaw”  Exhibition from January to March, 1958.

18th Century decorator, who painted ceilings and alcoves. Furniture designer and architect who designed several buildings in Bordeaux and Warsaw.

“Pierre Paul PRUD’HON” Exhibition from 15th October to 1st December 1958, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the painter’s birth.





“Van Gogh” Exhibition, from February to March 1960.  
Photograph of the entrance on 10th February, 1960.
Under the photograph: “One of J.G.Domergue’s great successes as curator: the Van Gogh exhibition drawing the public.”



 1961 - 1962


“Francisco Goya y Lucientes” Exhibition, from December 1961 to February 1962.  

This ultimate exhibition was particularly close to his heart as he owned more than ten canvases by Goya and one of his great grandfathers, at the French embassy in Madrid, had been on close enough terms with Goya to invite him to Bordeaux in June 1824.

In the midst of preparing for an exhibition devoted to his dear Boldini, he is struck down by a heart attack on rue d’Argenson in Paris at the age of 73.