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Despite the different periods and the evolution in his work, Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE is often categorized as a portraitist or nude painter. He was, however, also an excellent flower and landscape painter. Using superimposed or mixed brushstrokes, he blended shades of red, yellow and orange to achieve veritable pictorial symphonies.

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE was fond of Versailles, its surroundings, its lakes and its pavilions which he painted with delicacy and elegance.

In Bordeaux, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz and its surrounding area, he loved to paint the numerous small ports.

However, it is apparent that his preferred subject was Women.

- An early work

Les différentes périodes artistiques Jean Gabriel Domergue

The painting was executed around 1913. Whilst inspired by Toulouse Lautrec’s scenes, he has already personalised his brushstrokes which were to become a constant throughout his work.               

- Landscapes

A selection of landscapes by Jean Gabriel Domergue :

Jardin de Versailles Paysage, Tolède - 1913
Jardin de Versailles Paysage, Tolède - 1913