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Jean-Gabriel Domergue – his works

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Despite the different periods and the evolution in his work, Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE is often categorized as a portraitist or nude painter. He was, however, also an excellent flower and landscape painter. Using superimposed or mixed brushstrokes, he blended shades of red, yellow and orange to achieve veritable pictorial symphonies.

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE was fond of Versailles, its surroundings, its lakes and its pavilions which he painted with delicacy and elegance.

In Bordeaux, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Biarritz and its surrounding area, he loved to paint the numerous small ports.

However, it is apparent that his preferred subject was Women.

- An early work

Les différentes périodes artistiques Jean Gabriel Domergue

The painting was executed around 1913. Whilst inspired by Toulouse Lautrec’s scenes, he has already personalised his brushstrokes which were to become a constant throughout his work.               

- Landscapes

A selection of landscapes by Jean Gabriel Domergue :

Jardin de Versailles Paysage, Tolède - 1913
Jardin de Versailles Paysage, Tolède - 1913

-  Flowers                     

Jean Gabriel Domergue

-    Decor


-    Venice          


-    Couples at the theatre


-    Couples at the bar, restaurant


 His taste for brothels, where there was no shortage of nude models, is often noted and he is known to have produced numerous erotic sketches.

- Сouples at the races in Deauville, Longchamp and Auteuil.


 -     Women

“Women only consider their portrait to be true to life when it resembles the image of what they would like to be.” Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE

Women – portraits, profiles, blond, redheaded, brunette, a ribbon tied around their neck, in their hair, wearing a hat, feathered, nude or not, busts, seated, lying down…

Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE, who was crazy about hats which he made himself, dressed his models with his headdress of choice to personalise his work. His fashion creations, however, did not leave his studio. Thus 37 small straw hats in all colours trimmed with flowers and feathers, 4 large satin hats in grey, black, pink and pale green, one black satin Tricorn hat and a silver lamé Tricorn appear in the inventory listing the accessories in his studio by Yvonne Deslandres, curator of the Musée des Arts de la Mode (Museum of Fashion), in Paris where they are kept.



Some of the personalities he painted :

Liane de Pougny – Lucienne Boyer – Spinelly – Lady Owen – Gina Maletti – the Duchess of Grammont – Princess Lucien Murat – Cécile Sorel – Yvonne de Bray – Virginie Heriot – the Countess of Chanbrun – Mrs André Peseire – Mrs Meyer Rigaud – Miss Arlette Boucard – Miss Parisys – Miss de Lespinasse – Gina Lolobrigida – Mrs Arnaud de Lestapis – Miss Philipou – Dora Duby – the Dolly sisters – Annabella – Bagheera Kipling – Anouk Ferjac – Linda Vandal – Sophie Desmarets – Josephine Baker – Colette Antony – Magda Tagliaferro, the famous pianist – Dorothy Dickson – Mylène Demongeot – Vega Vinci (one of his last models) – Brigitte Bardot – Michèle Morgan – the Countess of Farges – the Countess of Vidal-Quadra – and let us end this incomplete list with Nadine Tellier who would become Nadine de Rothschild.

Men were also keen to have their portrait painted by the fashionable painter. To name but a few among the most famous : Clémenceau – Joseph Caillaux – General Herr – the Duke of Rohan – HM Edouard VIII – the U.S President F.D.Roosevelt.


Portrait of René Domergue, the artist’s brother, 1916.

  Portrait of Mr Clavel, 1924.